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Jesus The Balm of Gilead

Jesus The Balm of Gilead Upon studying the Word of God this week, the Lord laid it on my heart to teach about the healing, saving, yoke destroying power of God! God spoke one phrase to my spirit “Jesus is the Balm of Gilead”. Now to be honest, I had heard this taught some years ago, but I really wasn’t totally familiar with the subject. In the book of the prophet Jeremiah chapter 8 and verse 22 the [...]

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You Can Have What You Say

You Can Have What You Say! Growing up in a little holiness Pentecostal church I always heard negative confessions and testimonies from God fearing saints. I always wondered why they were broke, busted, and disgusted all the time, but faithful to the house of God? Then I heard the “Word of Faith” teaching from the late Kenneth E. Hagin. Now I had always heard bad things growing up in the holiness Pentecostal movement about “name it, claim it” [...]

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Forsake Not To Assemble

Forsake Not to Assemble During this week of study and prayer the Lord led me to the book of Hebrews. What a powerful charge to keep the faith in times of adversity and pandemic. The writer of Hebrews is unclear, some argue Paul may have written it or another Apostle, but one thing we can read clearly is the exhortation to hold fast the profession of our faith. One clear thought emerges from the chapters of Hebrews and [...]

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Preach The Word

Preach the Word I sense in my spirit that now more than ever; the Lord is solidifying the call of evangelism. As an evangelist myself, I am answering the call of God to proclaim the Gospel truth of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world! We must not be silent! We must not back down! We must march head long into the darkness of this world and shine the light of truth for all to see! God is [...]

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The Promises of God are Yes and Amen

The Promises of God are Yes and Amen! This week as I began to meditate upon the Lord, God dropped in my spirit the importance of my covenant relationship with Him. Often times we get discouraged from negative feelings and a sense of defeat. We sometimes feel like things are never going to work out, or we say to ourselves “that won’t work for me”. The truth is God has already provided success and goodness for our lives. [...]

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A Warning from Revelation

A Warning from Revelation in Times of Pandemic What a wonderful time in prayer and study we had this week as God begin to speak to us from the book of Revelation. Every Sunday if I am not preaching somewhere, or shooting for the Overflowing Faith Broadcast, I will have personal devotion/teaching and prayer with the ministry’s leadership. Generally, the Lord will give me a Word for that week which is what I share here in these blog [...]

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The Blessing of Abraham Blog Post

The Blessing of Abraham I am absolutely delighted to share this thought today, the “blessing of Abraham”. This topic is a hidden gem in my wife and I’s life. We hold dear to this prophetic and prolific principle. All the blessings of God come from this one simple agreement and covenant that God made with Abraham. Understanding this principle has radically changed our lives and I am excited to share it with you today! Today we live in [...]

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2020 Clear Truth That Brings Miracles

2020 Is The Year Of Clear Truth! As we embark on this new year God has given me a mandate to teach and declare "clear truth" to the people of God. Too often today we see and hear of many compromising the Word of God and laying down sound Biblical teaching in exchange for modern popular trends in Christianity. The problem with people today is that they have no firm Biblical foundation in their lives. Their tossed to [...]

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Overflowing Faith Post

The Year of Overflowing Faith As I began to meditate and pray for this next season of ministry, a clear prophetic unction came to me from the Holy Spirit. God revealed to me that this calendar year would mark the season of Overflowing Faith in the Body of Christ! As time pushes forward from one year to the next, it is undeniable the darkness this generation resides in. The moral and spiritual decay of people today both "Christian" [...]

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