Evangelist Brian Powers

Evangelist Brian Powers and Brian Powers Ministries

Evangelist Brian Powers is the founder and President of Brian Powers Ministries, a global ministry and non profit organization in Central Ohio. The mission of Evangelist Brian Powers and Brian Powers Ministries is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world. To transform lives with the supernatural miracle working power of Jesus Christ. To use media platforms, television, events, internet, radio, print, and outreach programs to bring life changing power to people everywhere.

Evangelist Brian was born and raised in the rural Town of Sidney, Ohio. At the tender age of 6, he was baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit. At the age of 12 he accepted the call to preach. Later at the age of 18 he began his preaching ministry. Brian received his Ministerial Diploma from the HCF School of Ministry in January of 2000 majoring in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

He has faithfully served in the ministry since 1999 preaching at various local churches and events. The dynamic preaching and teaching ministry of Brian Powers spans across cultural divides, and reaches all ages of the culture today. Built upon the principles of the early Church of Jesus Christ, Brian has a passion to bring the supernatural gifts of healing, miracles, signs and wonders into the modern age.

Today Evangelist Brian is answering the clarion call of God to go into all the world focusing on three nations: The United States, France, and Israel. The vision from God was clear that this last and final outpouring of the latter rain would be poured out with these three nations. The Arab world will be touched by the evangelism efforts to the nation of Israel. All of Europe will be ignited by the fires that start in France. And from the United States the rest of the world will experience this final move of God.

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