2022 Your Big Miracle Turnaround!

2022 Your Big Miracle Turnaround!

We have come through a great deal of trials and tests in 2021. As we look back and reflect many of you can truly say that the Lord has kept you and brought you through! We have witnessed social issues, economic issues, the great pandemic issue, and finally, the supply chain issue. We have been through quite a lot in 2021! The onslaught of the forces of hell have raged war against people everywhere! However, I can see in the spirit a big bold TURNAROUND!

God is a God of the turnaround! A turnaround in your body, a turnaround in your mind, a turnaround in your finances, a turnaround in your family, and a turnaround in your walk with the Lord! I believe the Lord has spoken to me by much prayer and fasting that this year will begin the unleashing of mighty signs and miracles in the people of faith! Jesus said believe and you shall receive! Sow and you shall reap! Stretch out that withered hand and be healed! All it takes is a step of faith! And when your faith is at it’s best, is when your faith is tried! The trial of your faith is the activator to thrust you into the realm of miracles!

Jesus didn’t show up until the Hebrew three were in the fiery furnace! They had to be in it, to win it! You may be going through a test and a trial but hold on child of God for joy comes in the morning! Your miracle is just on the other side of this set back! Have you experienced death in your family? Perhaps a little sickness in your household? Maybe your faith got rocked a little from the passing of a loved one? Just set your soul scope on Jesus and let your faith get activated for a miracle! When you are at the end of the line, Jesus comes pulling up with that royal train to glory!

He’s never lost a battle! He’s never given up a fight! He’s never backed down from a challenge! He is the Lord God strong and mighty! He is from everlasting to eternity! He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah! He is the first and the last! He is the soon coming King! He has it all in His hands! He has your healing in His hands! He has your breakthrough in His hands! He has your miracle in His hands! And all you have to do is simply believe His word! Then go on and stand firm on it! If God said I’m healed, then bless God almighty I’m healed! And that settles it!

I have a promise from God that in times of calamity He would keep me! I have a promise that He would never leave me nor forsake me! I have the assurance of a miracle working God that will bend the laws of nature to get my problem fixed! I am walking in divine covenant relationship with my Lord, and nothing can separate me from His love! You should repeat this with me right now:  I AM A CHILD OF THE LIVING GOD! AND WHAT GOD HAS FOR ME IT IS FOR ME! I AM BLESSED! I AM WHOLE! I AM DELIVERED! I AM SET FREE! Now go on and rejoice in the God of your salvation! For it is He who has made you free! He whom the Son sets free is free indeed! No more chains of slavery! Truth has triumphed with liberty! We are free in the blessed name of Jesus Christ!

Now I want you to face 2022 with the blessed assurance that whatever the situation you find yourself in, God has the power to bring you out! I remember that old song that says my God can do anything! He’s got the power! My God can do anything! I really do feel like jumping up from desk and running around my office shouting in tongues! I’m getting myself happy! I see what’s coming in your future! I can see the miracle God has for you on the other side of this trial! You are going to be the biggest pain in the rear end for the devil this year! Your life is going to be a testimony of the miracle working power of God! I can’t type anymore I’m getting caught up in the Holy Ghost! I’ll have to hand this article off to my web and art team. I’m going to go lock myself in my room and pray in the Holy Ghost for a while! But you just wait! God has something great for you this year! This season! This new level of revelation! Power! Victory! Take over Holy Ghost! Go Get them!

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Brian J Powers

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