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Miracles Today!

Brian PowersThe Power of A Response!

On this episode of Miracles Today, Evangelist Brian Powers shares anointed insight on Responding to the Spirit of God! Find out why your response is so important to God’s power and release in your life! Evangelist Brian Powers delivers a powerful message about how we as believers need to respond to the Spirit of God! Romans Chapter 6:12;13, Evangelist Brian Powers teaches us how to release the supernatural power of God through responding to Him through His Spirit! Get ready to receive this powerful Word that will be sure to get you results in the supernatural realm!

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Brian Powers Prophecy TeachingYou Need Prophecy!

On this episode of Miracles Today, Evangelist Brian Powers shares anointed insight on Prophecy! Find out why Prophecy is the key to hearing from God! All throughout the Bible, God used anointed men to speak prophetically to His people! Often times the messages carried critical instructions for that time! Have you ever wondered about the future? Have you ever asked God for direction in your life? Have you ever wanted a personal Word of prophecy from the Lord? Well stay tuned to this weeks broadcast, as Evangelist Brian Powers shares powerful insight into the realm of prophecy! God has a word for you today! Your breakthrough is on the way!

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The Holy Spirit Teaching Part TwoBrian Powers Holy Spirit Teaching

Tune in to this episode of Miracles Today as Evangelist Brian Powers shares a dynamic teaching about the Holy Spirit! Based on Acts Chapter 9 verses 13;15 Evangelist Powers shares three key points: The Holy Spirit Changes! The Holy Spirit Leads! And The Holy Spirit Empowers! God desires to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh! We learn in Acts chapter 9, that God calls and converts Saul of Tarsus to the Great Apostle Paul of the New Testament Church! God wants to bring you from lowliness to holiness, from shame to fame, from agony and pain to joy and happiness! Prepare your spirit and open your heart to receive this powerful Word from the Lord to change your life!

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Featured Resources!

Brian Powers Prophetic WordPersonal Prophetic Word!

Do you need clarity? Do you need direction in your life? Are you frustrated with the outcome of your situation? Do you feel discouraged? Maybe even hopeless at times? If so, You Need A Word from the Lord! All throughout the Bible, God used anointed men to speak prophetically to His people! Often times these messages carried critical instructions for that time! God uses prophecy to do three things: Confirm His Word!, Encourage the Believer!, and Deliver you from destruction, and lead you into the promises of God! Look up today! Your help is on the way! You may be surrounded by dark clouds of uncertainty, but the shining light of Heaven is beaming through those clouds into your life today! God wants to speak to your situation today! To confirm His Word! And establish His promises in your Life! Your future is a whole lot brighter then where you are now!

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Miracles Brian PowersDo You Believe In Miracles?

The question is very simple indeed do you believe? The bible teaches us in Hebrews chapter 11 about the simplicity and understanding of faith. What is faith, and how do we believe? How do we know if we believe? Hebrew 11:1 declares “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That word substance actually means “a setting under” according to the Greek translation. So your faith is the foundation of your hope! And hope is the essence of your faith! So hope is the basis of your faith! Your hope and trust in God is your secret ingredient to unlocking the supernatural! Right now faith can rise up in your spirit and take you into the supernatural realm of possibilities! The question still remains, do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in God? Do you believe that God can heal you, save you, deliver you, set you free, bless you, give you favor and wealth, raise you up out of despair and darkness, and bring you into the light of His Word? Do you believe?

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