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Join Pastor Brian Powers for a powerful exciting event or service that will change your life! God is moving by His Spirit today through this anointed ministry! Don’t miss your chance to be apart of a powerful service where the manifest presence of God will flow into your life and set you free! Are you sick in your body? Are you defeated in your mind? Do you need a fresh touch from the Lord? Then make plans to attend one these life changing services where the awesome healing presence of God is flowing! To view upcoming services, television tapings, and events from Pastor Brian Powers click here to Learn More..

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Watch The Power of the Holy Spirit Part 2!

The Power of the Holy Spirit Part 2

On this episode of Miracles Today, Pastor Brian Powers continues his message “The Power Of The Holy Spirit! Today you will discover the wonderful promise of the precious Holy Spirit! God desires to empower you as you follow Him! He desires to fill your life to overflowing with joy! Hope! Love! and all the peace you can come to expect from an all powerful God! Today as beliver’s, we are to be led by the Holy Spirit! We don’t have to try to figure out how to overcome life’s challenges. But rather, we let the power of God’s Spirit lead us into victory! Watch Now!…

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Prayer Altar

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Do you need a miracle in your life? Do you need a financial breakthrough? Do you need healing in your body? Do you need God to answer you? Do you feel as though you do not get answers to your prayers? You need to get your prayer request on the anointed prayer altarnow! Many miracles, signs, and wonders are going to take place on this anointed prayer altar! You cannot afford to miss out on your prayer not being placed upon this altar! God has instructed Pastor Brian Powers to build this anointed altar and to anoint the requests for unusual miracles to take place! Mail in, Call in, or submit online, your most urgent prayer request to be placed upon the altar TODAY! Click Here…

Free Personal Prophetic Word

Free Personal Prophetic Word!

Do you need clarity? Do you need direction in your life? Are you frustrated with the outcome of your situation? Do you feel discouraged? Maybe even hopeless at times? If so, You Need A Word from the Lord! All throughout the Bible, God used anointed men to speak prophetically to His people! Often times these messages carried critical instructions for that time! God uses prophecy to do three things: Confirm His Word!, Encourage the Believer!, and Deliver you from destruction, and lead you into the promises of God! Look up today! Your help is on the way! You may be surrounded by dark clouds of uncertainty, but the shining light of Heaven is beaming through those clouds into your life today! God wants to speak to your situation today! To confirm His Word! And establish His promises in your Life! Your future is a whole lot brighter then where you are now! Get Your Prophetic Word Here…

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Visit our online store today for anointed products and resources from Pastor Brian Powers! Books, CD’s, DVD’s, and MP3 Downloads are now available! Shopping is easy with our safe, secure, no hassle checkout! Be sure to check back regularly for new products and resources from Brian Powers! Visit the Online Store Click Here!…

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God has supernaturally anointed Pastor Brian Powers with the gifts of faith, miracles, and healing. People have been supernaturally healed of various diseases and physical disabilities under his ministry. God has released the power of healing and deliverance to Brian Powers through much prayer and fasting. Infused with the power of Pentecost, Brian Powers preaches the Word of God under the anointing to break the power of darkness over peoples lives. Learn More…

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